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Get Out Here

Keeping It Local

Empanada.  From the Spanish verb ‘empanar’; meaning to wrap in dough The seed for Laurita’s was planted back in 2005, when I lived in the south of Chile during college, but I didn’t know it yet. I lived in the lakes region of Chile, a gorgeous area of forests, lakes, rivers, mountains and ocean…

By Joshua Baker

Keeping Buzzy

Like many other quarantined people, I’ve taken up some new hobbies. Broadening my interests from painstaking embroidery to delicious bread-baking, the new activity I’m most excited for is beekeeping…

By Joshua Baker

Picnics in the Backyard

With all of this extra time on my hands, I felt added pressure to be a “good mom” (like Instagram/Joanna Gaines good). In my head, this meant stuff like cooking beautiful meals from scratch, never turning on the TV, and structured arts and crafts time. It also seemed like the time to foster my daughter’s love for the outdoors…

By Joshua Baker

Backyard Adventuring-60 Seconds of Silence

Hourglass meets lava lamp. That image captures how I’ve been experiencing the world these past few weeks. According to google, nobody has invented such a contraption, yet. But imagine the hourglass inside the lamp–see the grains of sand streaming down as iridescent blobs burble around?!

By Joshua Baker

Sweet Spring Traditions

Sunny days in March are extraordinary. The warm, shining sun is a promise of the Spring weather to come and an invitation to explore the landscapes uncovered by melting snow. In Northern Michigan, we are finally experiencing the Spring weather that we deserve. But in my family, the first of the sunny, somewhat warm days means something special: syrup…

By Joshua Baker

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