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Pump Track

About two summers ago my brother and I started to build a pump track in our meadow. A pump track is a track in a loop for bikes but you don’t pedal, there are rollers that you pump to carry momentum. We would work on it every day for about two weeks until it was finished. We had so much fun on it and I progressed a lot in my riding…


When we got put into lock down I thought it would be a great time to make some improvements and new lines. I got out the tractor and got to work. I made a massive dirt takeoff one day when I was bored. Later in the week my dad and I cut logs to make a cage for the landing dirt. I did some final things to the jump and it was time to ride it.

I’m so glad I went out and made that jump because I have learned new tricks on it and I will keep progressing on it.


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