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Offield Working Forest Reserve

During uncertain times, people look to normalcy. Offield Family Working Forest Preserve became a normal for me. A beautiful, easy-access, natural resource right outside your door — Offield Nature Preserve. A place for all activities for all ages…


The preserve is perfect for summertime hiking, biking, running, even hammocking. Some even go morel hunting in the preserve. The trails are lined with beautiful Trilliums and overhead coverage from the trees. It feels like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. During the winter, Offield has great cross country ski and fat-biking trails. Best of all, Offield is dog friendly.

My family loves having the preserve so close to home. We take our dog for walks almost daily, bike rides in the summer and walks during the winter. Some of our favorite family memories have been made in the preserve.

The trails at Offield are very well kept and easy for all ages to enjoy!

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