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One Man's Running Guide

This summer has certainly been a unique one. It is hard to remember what day-to-day life looked like before the pandemic hit. One of the few positives to come from this time of crisis is the number of people that have either picked up or returned to running. To this end I thought I would share a couple tips, routes, and otherwise useful information for running in the Harbor Springs area…


Before or after every run I use the website MapMyRun to map out a route. It is free to use, very easy to understand, and has just about every trail and road in Northern Michigan mapped. MapMyRun also has an app that allows for real-time run tracking if you are someone who doesn’t mind carrying a phone. The app is also free and offers a great breakdown of just about every statistic you could ever want.

As far as routes go there is always a big decision to be made: trail or road. A few weeks ago, Josh wrote a blog post all about trail running with some great suggestions at the end of it, and I would highly recommend taking a look at that. For the road runners out there, I do have a couple suggestions.

My favorite run right now is a loop around Round Lake that clocks in at nearly six miles. Odds are if you wait long enough along the route you will eventually see me run by. Parking at the Petoskey State park head South and pick up the branch of the Hiawatha Trail that reaches to the East of Round Lake. Follow that trail until Powell Road and then head West. This is the only section that is not on a designated pathway so you will have to run on the shoulder, but it is never very busy. After crossing Harbor-Petoskey road pick up the Little Traverse Wheelway and head South back towards the State Park. For any brave souls I would suggest an ice bath in Lake Michigan afterword.

Another of my favorites, though already very popular, starts in downtown and heads through Weque. Being right on the waterfront is hard to beat, and you have the chance to make the run as long as you want by picking up Beach Road. You could even follow Beach until you reach the Little Traverse Wheelway and take it back to downtown Harbor Springs if you have it in you.

To all the runners out there, I hope you are able to get out and have some great runs. There is always enough space to get out here while staying six feet apart!


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