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Evo Action XC55 RSkin

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Kick and glide made easy. The EVO XC 55 R-SKIN ski provides beginner skiers with a user-friendly waxless design for cruising along snow-covered trails. The ski's shorter length and wide dimensions enhance stability and maneuverability to explore off-piste trails with confidence. Our R-SKIN mohair skin provides all-condition glide with no prep required.

Always-ready kick and glide
The replaceable R-Skin mohair inserts offer an easy, consistent kick and maximum glide with no prep work. Good for 100-150 days on the snow.

Maneuverability and control
Our new short-sized ski concept increases maneuverability, control and ease of use.

Light and lively
The lightweight low-density wood core features air channels to deliver a lively feel.

Easy handling
Activ Cap strikes the right balance of torsional rigidity and supple flex from tip to tail for all-condition stability.

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