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A Revisit to Backyard Gardening

Summer is in full swing. The sun rises early and stays up late, new flowers bloom daily, and mosquitoes swarm around me at dusk. It’s been a long year, we’ve waited patiently, and finally we’re getting a taste of the good weather we dreamed about all Winter long…


But, Summer days don’t just mean time spent on the water and forgetting to reapply sunscreen, they also mean hard work and dirty hands from harvesting in the garden.

After starting many of our plants during quarantine, we were finally able to move them outside in early June. My husband and I joke that our garden is a full-time job, and this year has been no different.

It’s no mystery that this Summer has been hotter than usual. Temperatures have been relentless, topping out in the high 80’s and low 90’s, and there has been almost no rain to speak of. And while my plants love the sun, they’re not so sure about the blistering heat and little rain. It’s been a constant battle to keep everything watered and growing.

The upkeep of our garden is of no fault but our own. We knew that planting a big garden would be a lot of work. Just as we feel that the weeds are under control in the tomato beds, we notice that the onions are overgrown. We have more lettuce than we know what to do with, but the carrots are struggling to grow. Finding balance is the trick­­—not only in gardening, but also in other aspects of life. Just as you shouldn’t ignore your carrots in order to have immaculately weeded tomatoes, you shouldn’t forget to slow down in the hustle of the everyday.

Luckily, gardening forces me to slow down. We’ve made it into a family activity: one of us weeds, the other waters, and the baby eats a handful of dirt. Plus, it’s extra special now that we’re beginning to harvest some vegetables. So far, we’ve gotten a few cherry tomatoes and a boatload of spinach and arugula. The tomatoes and squash have plentiful blossoms and the beans are starting to climb. Here’s to good weather and some rainy days ahead.

Happy gardening,


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